Thank you for joining us!

Bodhi Surf first opened its doors in 2008. Originally the store was named Crave Surf, however the owners decided to rebrand the shop and build the store around the reason they fell in love with Surf Culture which was "Bodhi" from the 90's movie Point Break! It is an “independently” owned surf shop on the Central Coast in Yeppoon. Bodhi Surf has a great tradition of being a “core” surf store specialising in Surf Clothing, Apparel, Hardware, Street Wear, Shoes and Accessories.

The store is the gateway to the beautiful Keppel Islands and the great barrier reef!

The store is and always has been locally owned and operated. This ensures our customers get the best quality advice, and service.

Shelly & Rohan Broom own the store and love everything that the coast and surf culture are about.

Being a “multi branded” store we offer all the best brands across all the categories we carry, so if it is variety you want then we’ve got it!

We are stocked from the floor to the ceiling with all the latest gear. We have the Central Coast covered with all your favourite brands, with all the Surf Accessories, Mens’, Ladies’, and Groms’ Clothing and enough Fashion Accessories, Eyewear, and Footwear to cover you from head to toe!

Come in and say hi when ever you stop by on your travels !